How this 5 actors Overcame Shyness

Overcome shyness

Confidence tips

Overcome shyness

Do you consider yourself to be a shy person or lacking self-esteem?

Overcome shyness

You are not alone. Millions of people are not naturally extrovert and charismatic as others. The good news is that you can become more confident and less shy with practice and willingness.

Below, five actors from the past give us their secret on how to overcome shyness.


One day, about eight years ago, I was speaking to a high school class about my career and sharing some things I’d learned. In a question-and-answer period following my talk, a boy raised his hand and shyly asked me how I “had become so poised.”

The question startled me at first. One, because it was such a great question- not a movie-actor question- such a pertinent question for all young people, and, two, because for many years prior to that talk I had gone through a real search for balance, and when that question was raised, I realized I had somehow come through quite a lot.

What I said to the young man was that mu poise was the natural result of feeling good about myself- I told him that it wasn’t always so with me. I have had to face in myself many things that I disliked, and I’ve made a great effort to forgive myself and replace bad habits with good ones. Over time I had somehow developed a schedule of activity that I felt was full of good thought and service to others, and because of it, I grew to feel much better about myself.

That formula I spoke to that child about so . many years ago still seems to me the very best way to acquire poise.

Jon Voight

John Voight
Actor John Voight

We’re all shy at one time or another. I guess the key is to pretend that you’re not.

Jim Nabors
Actor and singer


The first time I went on stage was in the third grade. I remember standing backstage with my heart beating and thinking to myself, I can just walk away, it’s my choice! And with that thought, I walked onstage and never looked back. I have since learned that the secret to overcoming stage fright or life fright is to be prepared-know what you’re going to do and let inspiration take over.

Richard Karn


Depends on the day! Some days I don’t come through for myself and then I think, “I can’t get it from the outside world.” The worst that can happen is a failed day, and the next one or the one after is a new opportuity to believe in myself again.

Tyne Daly

Adan West

Try to do some things you don’t want to do. Make your fear work for you.

Adam West

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