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Emotional Energy

Infinite Waters Diving Deep on the subject of energy, depression and confidence.

I feel stressed!
Where did all my energy go?

Have you ever had that feeling?

If so, you need to learn how to stop wasting your emotional energy.

Emotion is the energy in motion.

What if I told you that nobody has the power to drain your emotional energy withou your permission?

  • I am here to please everyone, save everyone, to make everybody happy at the expense of my own personal happiness.
  • I feel nobody cares about me, I feel that i always have to be perfect, that I could never make a mistake.
  • I feel the longer I wait, the better it is, because now I don’t have to step into radical action.
  • I feel I can eat whatever I like and it’s not going to affect the way I feel

Emotions are not based on how we think, emotions are based on how we feel, therefore in not wasting our emotional energy, we have to start seeing what is affecting how we feel.

Infinite waters diving deep

It is not about externalizing your power. You see someone and now you place them on a pedestal. Oh, they have all the answers, I don’t. So know we feel inferior to them, so when we are around them we feel nervous, we feel tension, anxiety, panic. Our emotional energy is sipping out of us.

You’ve been on a conversation before where you really anted to leave but you didn’t have the confidence. You become a YES person. Whenever we have difficulty in saying no, we are losing our emotional energy. it’s all about being assertive, to say yes when we want to and also to say NO when we want to.

When we realize we can never offend anybody when we are in our true authenticity. you harm yourself and you harm others when you are going thru life pretending, when you are someone else.

Some people say, i feel I have to be serious all the time.

Being in nature you just loosen up, you let go totally. Moreso you cultivate your inner child, and this is the real secret for not losing your emotional energy.

A lot of us we are in an environment which is not complimenting  our own energy, therefore now we lose our emotional energy.

When you place yourself in nature. You breathe in deep from the base of your spine. You love what work you are doing every single day, it’s not work, it’s a lifestyle. When you have this pure passion for life now you can serve your emotional energy. When you place yourself with kindred spirits, now you generate so much beautiful magnificent energy.

When you are in the wrong company, when you are alone in a room full of people but you feel alone, why? because you are not in resonance, so more-so you are lying to yourself. Now, you are wasting your emotional energy. So it’s all about surrounding yourself with people who uplift your spirit. It ll starts form seeing the secret.

Whenever you can’t express yourself 100% you are wasting your emotional energy. It’s all about speaking from your heart space. Right now it’s fine just to dive in all areas without feeling guilty.

What are they going to think?

It doesn’t matter!

Just as long as you are talking from your heart space, an authentic place.

Many times, we go thru life with unresolved issues. We go thru life full of doubts. We go thru life feeling we are not worthy. To conserve your energy we have to stop seeing ourselves as worthy. As not being victims of circumstance but true co-creators of our reality. When we see that what happened has happened, but how do we see ourselves? That is the most important thing, the internalize are far more powerful then the external ones. The perception we have of ourselves it’s greater than the perception other people have of us.

To be brave is not easy, because yes, you are going to make mistakes but there are no mistakes if you have learned something form it.

When you are ruminating on when things didn’t go right, it now mltiplies because whatever you focus on grows. Instead of focusing on what isn’t working, I focus on what is working, therefore I don’t wasit my emotional energy. I have something called drunk talk. A lot of us e have surface relationships, at work for example talking about something we are not interested in. In the process we are wasting our emotional energy.

When we start talking about things that really matter to us, when we start making time for those that really matter to us. When we start asking what is most important to us in this life, now we start generating bucketloads of energy. When we see all around us there is a lot of heavy energy right no in the planet because we are in the metamorphosis. But being an alchemist is all about converting the energy from negative to positive and then seeing the real secret. It’s about becoming neutral. When you don’t judge something, now you are not in separation because you are seeing that it is a part of who you are. Many times we have to ask ourselves, what are we eating? Did you check the package? Did you read the label?

The kinds of foods we are eating it is linked in how we are feeling.

For example, I love blueberries. I just had some and feel great.

When we don’t see that connection many of us waste our emotional energy. When we are not being distracted, now we waste our emotional energy. When we are not focusing on our true purpose we are wasting emotional energy.  When we do cultivate our true purpose, it serves us. It’s not easy, otherwise everybody will be doing it. Have that focus on your dream when people are telling you, forget about it.  It takes self-discipline, more-so it takes knowing. It takes KNOWING.

Emotional energy is all about putting things in perspective. To conserve it, to realize all I can do is what I know naturally to be. I can’t be anybody else. But also to see ourselves as constantly evolviing. This is where we find our true power, to see that we live in a flash of light. I am not waiting for the perfect opportunity, I’m making it.

And that’s why I do it every single day. I do what I love every single day and I see the secret. When you do what you love you manifest abundance. Therefore you can serve your emotional energy. Our emotional energy governs the way we think and our physical body. Many of us waste our emotional energy because we are not fully aware of the power of moving it to our bodies every single day. Once you lose your mind and come to your senses now you can serve your emotional energy.

I say that all around us, we have to be smart right now, there is so much going on to distract you fro the truth of who you are. Not only in the educational system, you got entertainment.

We have to  take responsability, we have to see that we are handing over our power and whenerve we feel that somebody has wronged us, has disrespected us… grab a mirror and say to yoursellf: I am worthy of more.

People say, Ralph, don’t you ever get depressed? I say, I haven’t been depressed since 2006, ever since I started to know thyself. More-so, I started to connect with those who remind me who I am. It takes silence, mindfulness, to stop wasting your emotional energy. A lot of us we are living in a routine just going on and on and on, but we never stopped and said:

Wait a minute… Wait a minute! How do I feel?

I feel fantastic everyday, tehrefore I can losen up, therefore I am in the process of liberating energy, in the process of generating energy. In the process of ecoming my greatest version.

So to stop wasting energy, see how everything is connected. See that even by the music you are listening to. What is the frequency of the music that I am listening to? How is it helping me become my greatest version?

This whole world is based on frequency. We are energy in human form experiencing itself.

The more we raise our energy, the more we don’t waste our emotional energy. We do that by loving ourselves 100%, by self caring, by not neglecting ourselves, and also by seeing that we have to make the most of every moment and it is our attitude that governs what we will become. There is no failure. There are no mistakes, there is only NOW and we have power to make that moment anything we desire.

Infinite Waters, Diving Deep once again. Stay Well, stay healthy. Peace – Ralph Smart

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