3 Tips to Improve your Confidence

Be more confident

Boost your confidence When you are faced with a big challenge where potential failure seems to lurk at every corner, you have probably heard the same advice before: Be more […]

The confident Conor McGregor

Confidence McGregor quotes

Famous Confident fighters The cocky and confident Conor McGregor has the whole world talking about him. You can’t prepare for me, you can’t prepare for me! Be more confident Download […]

Gary Vee confidence rant

Gary Vee confidence

Gary Vaynerchuck’s Confidence Vlogs of an entrepreneur Having confidence in yourself Shoot for the stars, hustle, execute. On this video, Gary Vee vlogs and rants on the importance of having […]

How this 5 actors overcame shyness

Overcome shyness

Confidence tips Overcome shyness Do you consider yourself to be a shy person or lacking self-esteem? You are not alone. Millions of people are not naturally extrovert and charismatic as […]

Strong and confident you (Mp3)

Strong and confident you

Confidence Mp3 Audio frequencies Length: 12:51 Release your inner strength and confidence. Be more confident The “Strong and confident you” recording by The Unexplainable Store is an audio that can […]