The energetically effects of self-image (Glenn Ackerman)

How Self-Image Energetically Effects Everything in Your Life!

All of those things are invisible. An intention, a motivation.

You can’t see them. What you can see is the result of that intention.

How energy awareness training and energy awarenes on its own has an effect on how we look at things.

We are going to talk about self worth and self image.


We have energies that we are not aware of.

Just like the iceberg method: 10% above the water you can see, 90% of the iceberg you can’t see.

That which we can see we can control, that which we can’t see controls us.

If you ever had a question like, Why do I t do things that I know I shouldn’t do? Why don’t I do the thiings that I know I should do?

Why sometimes when I have a goal or an outcome do I take two steps forward and three steps back.

There are forces inside you, called energies, and they are affecting you every single day and you don’t even know it, unless you are energetically trained.

Hidden forces? Hidden energies inside me?


We have an energetic operating system inside us, just like MAC is an operating system, Windows has an operating system.

It is the same thing with us as human beings. We have an energetic operating system that is combined of our personal history, what we’ve been thru, the emotions, events, and especially what affects us is the negative events, traumatic events, the emotionally upsetting stuff that we’ve been thru. And we’ve all been thru it. If you are a human being walking on this earth, you’ve all had challenges, you’ve all been thru very tough times. We’ve all have questioned it, it’s life worth living? Do I wanna keep going?

In some capacity, because we all have to deal with is. No one ever told us about that. Am I the only one who feels like that? So much of our lives is just trying to hold it together.

Here I am in my early teens and I’m going, What happened to my mom?

Most of my life she loved me, hugged me, she was my best friend, now she is just complaining and screaming. And I went thru that in my adolescence.

When I found out I was not the only one, it was a relief.

I went to a private high school, my parents paid for it the first year, and after the first year they said: You know what, we are not going to pay for your high school, go to a public school like everybody else.

So Freshman year on I worked my way to high school to be able to keep going to the private high school.

At the time I felt like a loser, but I didn’t realize then that it was building my character.

I always felt like an outcast going to school, and then coming back home to a war-zone with a parent who has a problem, whether it is emotional or whether it is an addictive problem. Whatever it is, your anxiety level goes through the roof, and my anxiety level was off the charts.

My mom was threatening to kick me out, every other day.

It messes with your mind, it messes with your security, it messes with your sense of self.

I’m here at home and my mother is threatening me every day. I love my mother and I really appreciate her, but I didn’t recognize why she was so angry, why she was so mad all the time. My dad never stood up to her, he just took it. I went off on my own at 17.

We have different parts of ourselves that we have to deal with. Remember that in energy awareness training we talk about two forces that we are dealing with.

What Tesla said, if you want to understand the mysteries of life you look at things in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. I have a term for being able to distinguish energies.

High vibration aura, high frequency energy. That’s the energy that wants to lift us up, that’s the energy that wants us to attain our full potential. That’s the energy that is open, that’s free, that’s expanding, that’s loving, that’s empowering, that’s abundant, that feels good, that creates connections with other people. Gives us a purpose, it’s all about kindness and compassion and sharing, all the good stuff.

High vibrational energy. One of the energetic laws I teach is the law of duality. If there is a high vibration energy, there is a low vibration energy.

Low vibration energy is anxiety, worries, stress, anger, resentment, fear, doubt, desperateness, moving in, moving down, deceit , self attached, the whole purpose is to keep you out of high vibration energy and pull you into low vibration energy, pull you out of your happiness, joy peace and pull you into this dark place of anxiety, fear, stress.

These are energies that are actively operating inside us. We gotta deal with them every single day. Most of us are not even aware of it. We are not aware of all these energies that are trying to influence us. Remember, since everything is energy, all energy is is power and purpose, frequency and direction, and it gives off information.

The energy I was getting at home with my mom was LOW vibration energy. I didn’t know that at the time. High vibration energy attracts more high vibration energy. Low vibration energy attracts more low vibration energy.

Wherever the energy is, good bad or ugly, it’s expanding.

When you are around happy, loving, kid, positive active people, that rubs off and you feel good. You feel happy, you feel joyful. Consequently, when you are around people who are depressed, or are complaining, or are negative and unhappy. . that is contagious too. That energy is expanding. High vibration energy brings more high vibration, low vibration energy brings more low vibration.

These energies are active ion that they are trying to influence us. The high vibration energy are the thoughts and emotions that say that you can have more, you can dream more, you can have a good life and be who you want to be, that’s the purpose of the high vibration energy. The purpose of the low vibration energy is to pull you out of that. No you can’t have that, you are not worth it, you should worry about this or that. It wants to pull you into a place of suffering, into a place of anxiety, stress and worry.

These are the two energies that are constantly trying to influence us, many times below the ability to see that, I call them the hidden energies.

That which we can see we can control, that which we can’t see controls us.

We are constantly dealing with the energies that are affecting us and trying to move us into a certain direction.

Even though I left that house, the house didn’t leave me.

The anxiety and the stress continued.

This is what happens to a lot of us. Wen I talk about the hidden energies or operating systems, much of that operating system is what or parents thought us, or what we went thru as kids, or what we experienced in school.

We are naturally meant to be high vibration energy beings. That’s why wen you are getting along with people it just feels natural. That’s why when there’s kindness and good energy it just flows and you don’t really think about it. You don’t try to figure out anything, unless when things go wrong.

That anxiety I experienced growing up pin that house I can feel it inside.

There is a part of me that says hey, you can be successful, you can get a beautiful woman, have great relationships, have a fulfilling life.

But there’s another part that keeps reminding me all the negative experiences. Remember what your mom told you? What your friends said of you? When they laughed?

It’s an internal fight that everyone goes thru.

Energy drives behavior.

You are at the effect of your energetic operating system.

In our self-image we have this interior dialogue. The voice in your head, the “monkey mind”. It’s always trying to feed negative thoughts in your head. It’s ping pong game going in your head. That’s our internal communication process, that’s teh way we communicate to ourselves.

Communication is merely to relay a message, a belief, an intention a goal to people around you.

How does that work to be mad at yourself?

Where do does thoughts when you are being put down come from? What part of me is telling another part of me that I don’t deserve it, or that it’s goofy or messed up.

We all aspire for good things.

Sometimes some people know who they want to be and what they want to do when they grow up. Most people don’t get what they want, most people are frustrated.

Why aren’t you moving towards getting what you want?

If you want to make that job change or want to lose 20 pounds, or want to get a relationship, or to get out of a relationship, or to start your business, Why haven’t you?

We all got a reason.

We either have what we want or we have the reasons why we don’t have what we want.

We are constantly evaluating and communicating to ourselves.

Thought expands into a feeling, a feeling will expand into an emotion, an emotion will expand into a behavior, a behavior will expand into a destiny.

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